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Official Announcement:

As of Today, the BMW CCA E31 Chapter has received official recognition from BMW CCA, BMW NA and the International Council of BMW Clubs. This is a huge accomplishment for us. Our name and logo had to go through several revision, and now meets all International Council guidelines. A special thanks to our Press/Marketing/Branding board member, Jeff Ivarson, and Frank Patek, BMW CCA Executive Director. Thanks also to to Steve Johnson, BMW CCA Executive Vice President with assistance during the application and by-laws process. As many of you know, we announced the formation of the E31 Chapter at the 8-Fest event in California in September. Since that time we have had to revise our name and logo under the guidance of the BMW International Council. This is the first time BMW CCA has approved a Non-Geographic Chapter, meaning that our members are based not on an area, but on a model - the BMW E31.

We should soon be putting out our first Newsletter, and work is going on to finalize our web site. For those who have joined our Chapter - Thank you. For those wanting to become a part of BMW CCA E31 Chapter, please visit This is an exciting time for us. Please join us in the First BMW CCA Non-Geographic Chapter, BMWCCAE31.

Here is our website:

Here is our Official Logo:

Please note that any reproduction of this logo requires chapter approval.

Our chapter officers and members holding significant positions include:
Roger Wray

Vice President
Steve Cohen

Tom Carter

Jon Nelson

Jeff Ivarson

Event Manager
Rob Scott

Bob Bennett

Newsletter Editor
Fern Mora

Registry (associated, but not part of BMW CCA E31 Chapter)
Brian Eales

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Thanks for posting this Roger, and my congratulations on the formation of this new BMWCCA chapter - quite an achievement!
It makes a lot of sense to go with a dedicated E31 chapter as, although the numbers are relatively low, there is a huge 8-series following in North America.
Good luck to you and the E31 Chapter membership - I'm sure it will go from strength to strength.
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