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BMW car puts the Black M5 on its cover

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I cant wait to see the magazine. What am i saying! i cant wait to get the car :p
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I cant wait to hear about it Abulla. I'm glad you are still posting here, as you have pushed the limit of an E39. I hope to hear about your beast and all the kills when you get the baby back! Long live the E39 bud!
I'm definitly campin outside the port tomorrow night!
Man Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man.........

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Best of Luck! Did you buy a bunch of rear tires? I know you will be burning some up :M5launch:
Congratulations! Let us know how it drives when you get it. It would be great to get some sound clips of the exhaust from the outside.

Cheers, Daniel.
I have read the artcle, very interesting :) I picked a copy up last Thursday :blabla:
just got a copy... excellent write up! top marks to everyone involved.. spec sheet nearly takes up a whole page!! hahah
Congrats!!!! I'm happy to see that you're back too! :thumbsup:
Yeah, glad to see you around, and look forward to impressions. I was one of those following the progress on the twins rather closely, as I have seriously considered following a similar path.

Any idea on when your car arrives?
Hi guys,

Eric the Writer here... Abdulla-Glad to see you're still posting on here. I'm very interested in your impressions after you meet Bill and climb behind the wheel of your (basically) new car! BTW-You can feel free to send me nice gift (like a Lamborghini, or better yet, one of Bill's supercharged systems for my Mustang GT!) if you want, but I suspect you're going to be too **** busy driving non-stop to do any shopping! That stereo actually made me LIKE that music you gave to Bill in order to test the stere (Bahrainian techno/dance/pop). Seriously folks, that stereo ROCKS! I don't know why the editor didn't include the photos of the glowing trunk, but I'll post a few later on today as an "article supplement" if anyone wants to see it. Perhaps I should wait until Abdulla's received it?

Guys, this truly is one amazing machine. I've just been to Bimmerfest in Santa Barbara and this car would absolutely STOMP anything at that show. Other kits (AA, Dinan, etc) are nice, but nothing shows this level of forethought or care, and that's saying something because there's a bunch of MONSTER cars in California!

Look for the Blue M5 to make an appearance in Bimmer soon (no word on publication date yet, but I'll keep everyone posted).

If anyone wants to send a nice email to the editor of BMW Car to tell him how much you enjoyed the article, you can do so at [email protected] I know he enjoys hearing comments from the readers.
[email protected]
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I will have to pick that issue up, however after seeing Robs I feel confident that your machine is truly awesome, and that sound system must be in league all of its own. I look forward to some more videos, I think you were the one who was drifting around all those street corners in Bahrain, in a video a year ago or so, cant remember for sure, but congrats and keep us posted, Josh
I definitely need to buy this issue :thumbsup:
Agreed! I think this one is going to have to go in the archives. Can't wait to hear about it first hand when it ports! :wroom:

The wait must be agonizing! Hope you still have nails, haven't chewed them down to chomps... Can anybody scan it? Would like to see it too and looking forward to Abdullah's first impressions and vids ofcourse :haha:
He will be the new king on the road! kinggf Any news on when the uberbeast is arriving?
Take care,
Congrats Abdullah! Glad to see you are still active on here after the last incident. Please post impressions of the Beast when you get a chance. This has been a long time coming for you, your paitence is about to pay off!! Thanks for the heads up about the magazine, I will go try to pick one up today.
It would be great if you could scan this article onto this site.

Black M5 said:

I cant wait to see the magazine. What am i saying! i cant wait to get the car :p
Good for you Abdullah! Be sure to bring it down to Dubai, there's a nice new autodrome here you know??:byee55amg I'm sure with your car's specs, you could drive it down here in an hour or two?

Congrats, enjoy, and nice to have you posting again...


Congrats to the Magazine for getting such a splendid car on its cover!

BTW, nice that you posted and let us know. I´m glad to see you here.

Re: BMW car puts the Black M5 on its cover/posting article

On posting copies of this article... Please don't. I'm sure that BMW Car would be less likely to continue covering these wonderful cars if they aren't receiving a benefit from it (i.e. magazine sales/subscriptions from the U.S.). I hope everyone understands my position, whether they agree with me or not, and will respect that this is copyrighted work. I, as muchor more than anyone, would love to post this EVERYWHERE!

Barnes and Nobles, Borders, and quite a few independant bookstores/magazine stores carry Unity Media titles (BMW Car, Performance BMW, Banzai, Performance VW, just to name the big ones in the US). They are also directly available from Unity Media via subscription or individual/back issue purchase. I believe copies of the first article on Brian Bloch's M5 and Bill's Z8 are still available!

BTW-The May 2005 (current issue) of Performance BMW also features my work on the cover; Craig Lieberman's wild wide-body M3! If you're searching for inspiration as to what CAN be done to an E46 M3, this is a good issue to pick up.

I should also note that I do NOT receive any further money for magazine sales or subscriptions, just in case someone feels this is a "sales ad".
Thanks again!
Eric Eikenberry
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