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A)Hello there! I am new to these type of forums, however I would like to say I have a Black BMW X5 4.8i which I love! and have totally blacked it out with, black Y spoked rims for the 2008+ model x5. I have also black out the windows and tails lights and head lights. Windows have 5% tint all around except the front windshieled which has 20%.
B)I think I am finished with the bmw x5 for now, I doubt it needs anything else!
C)My new dilemma is with my bmw M6 stratus gray metallic colored with black soft top (convertible) with carbon fiber interior. I have the stock rims which are fabulous! I was wondering if anyone had any idea if I should get those particular rims painted black? or two tone color? which would look better (after I have tinted the windows black as well, just as the x5). I also would like to make the M6, louder than it already is? which exhaust would make it sound louder and more mean and deeper sound? I want it to be music to my ears. I have driven a ferrari f430 spider one time and it was so loud, that i drove by parked cars and their alarms would go off. I would like it the M6 to be just as loud. Any ideas? and would it void my factory warranty? if any ideas please let me know thank you; If pictures are needed of my 2 babies let me know. thanks!
D)P.S. Since the interior to the M6 is also carbon fiber, I was thinking about getting the Side Gills in carbon fiber or with LED lighting if they exist... which I dont know where to find them! and I was going to get the BMW Symbol for back and front and the wheels in carbon fiber as well and where can i find those? thank you!
E)If I add an after market exhaust on the M6 will it void my warranty? and if not where can I go to tune my M6 in Maryland and install the exhaust? I would like to put a loud exhaust (head turner). Thank you!
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