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Hi stormingjock and welcome to the wonderful world of M5.

I have the same spec as yourself which I also bought recently and yes I have the same issue on my 3GS and iPhone4.

I am not positive I had it in May on he 3GS when I obtained the car but I don't recall not being able to make a decent phone call in the car but I also have a 2nd HTC I used at the time which had no issues then or now.

Its a pain and normally I would be spending time investigating but honestly when I get in the beast the last thing I am thinking about is taking/making calls - too busy enjoying myself (driving that is!).

What I did pick up somewhere is its probably a bluetooth connection thing with our cars. Bluetooth works fine when I use an earpiece but with the car and iphones it also does extra functions like transfer phonebook entries. So the suggestion was start out with a blank phonebook and try it that way and add your entries in small blocks if you dont have the issue. As I have my phonebook entries in sync with my email accounts I am loathed to try it but will probably give it a go once I figure out how to backup and restore contacts on the 4.

Good luck...but for me its a niggle I can live with for now when you have a car like this to compensate you.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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