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I apologize if this is the wrong fourm for this post.

I’m in some serious need of help. Here’s the story.
The car is a 2000 528i with 75,000 miles and up-to-date maintenance.

Several weeks ago I pulled into my driveway and noticed a little bit of steam coming from the front grill of the 528i. Opening the hood I noticed oil coating some of the driver’s side front portion of the engine compartment. Looking under the car I noticed a quickly growing pool of oil streaming down from the plastic guard.

The car had been running fine with no indication of any problems – no indicator lights, noises or vibrations.

Fearing the worst, I had the car towed to my local BMW specialty shop (Bimmers in San Carlos, CA).

What they found was oil in the radiator and a small crack on the radiator where the top hose attaches.

The shop’s first course of action was to remove the cylinder head for inspection of the gasket and head itself. The gasket appeared fine and they could find no warping or damage to the head. They then sent the head out to a machine shop for a more thorough inspection and pressure test. The result of this is that the head looks fine.

The shop is now saying that the problem is in the engine block and that it is more cost effective to simply replace the engine then to find the problem.

Here are some questions:
- What can cause oil and water to mix in the system?
- If the head isn’t cracked or warped then what else could be wrong?
- I’ve been told that it’s unlikely that the engine overheated because the head wasn’t warped or cracked. Does this make sense?
- Should I replace the engine?
- Should I have the car transferred to a more experienced shop?

Thank you in advance,

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