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One of less than 100 Blk on Blk M5's in North America - very rare car, very desirable color combination.

It was purchased by first owner in Toronto, Then officially naturalized and moved to Socal early in life.

Second owner is an E24 Fanatic and moved it from Socal to Utah.

THen I bought it with just about 100,000 miles on it and moved it to Florida, where I put 40,000 more miles on it. Mileage is about 144,000 now.

Needs some things -
AC (compressor is bad)
Rear subframe bushings (have the parts, plus all the rubber parts you'll have access to when you drop the rear subframe to refurbish the entire rear end suspension)
Rear Brakes - (have pads and brembo rotors)
Front Control Arm Bushings (have the bushings)
Trip Computer Bulb
Stereo - has original cassette deck and alpine add-on CD Changer/I-pod input, but needs speakers.

As you can see, I have a lot of the parts for the issues on the car, but I don't have the time to get under the car these days and I don't want to let this car languish in my garage, its just too sad, she needs to be on the road, and I don't drive it unless it is correct. I've been maintaining it with Redline fluids and I only like to use the good stuff on my cars.

It is also not the original paint, it was resprayed in the correct color (Schwartz) but it was not really done well - this was after a construction site overspray accident.

It also comes with a few nice parts that I never put on - Dinan Chip and Cam Gear (can get it up very close to 300HP)
Rear camber kit (I ran 245/45 16's when I bought it and they looked great on the stock wheels, but the insides wore on the rear. When I replaced them with the stock size 225/55 16's the tire wear went back to normal, but the camber kit would allow you to run the 245's)
and more.

I also installed Bilsteins and H&R's and Euro headlights.

I'm sure you'll find a few other small issues on inspection - hence the low price.

I think that if all the items were fixed and this car had the original paint, or a good glass-off paint job, it'd be worth $15,000+.

The car still shines up decent and has a very mild surface rust spot on the bottom of the kick panel behind the passenger front tire (its in the photos) - can be fixed without a body shop I think.

Considering all the work to be done I am asking $8000 for her - factor in all the parts that come along with the deal and I feel that is fair.

I think that if enthusiasts don't go for this at this price (or close to it) it may serve me best to have a shop do the work and keep it, or do everything short of the paint work and try to sell it somewhere in the $10,000 ball park.

THanks for any advice or interest in this car - its been a joy to have over the last few years, but my new business and my new daughter have kept me from hanging out in my garage like I used to!
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