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Black M5 in Kassel (Germany)

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hi guys, today i saw something realy awesome. it was the first time ever i saw an E60 M5 and i can say that the car looks just impressive. the 4 tailpipes looking very nice in reality. maybe the owner of this car is a member of the board ?
well, but ... believe me or not. after that great experience, there was another incredible appearance for me. i saw a maserati coupe... but not the street version.
i noticed the extremly loud and great engine sound of it and also the rear wing. it was definitively not a streets admitted car, because it has racing slicks on it, no license plate and it looked like this ->
They testet this car on the public road (!!!)
after they had finished a short round around the block, they loaded it up into a follower of a truck where "maserati racing team" was painted on.

sorry for my poor english, but im so excited, i just want to share my experience with someone :wroom:

ps: i have made some pics with my cell phone, but my bluetooth adaptor is damaged, so i cant upload it :sad1:
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Thanks for the post. Please get the pics online :)
well, alright... i try !
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