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I'm outside my work enjoying the sun and being shaken down by Ashok for Ormand St. money :). Both wondering what it looks like for a black M5 to pull up and for an exchange of money to occur in the street :rolleyes: , when eagle-eyed-Ashok spots something.

Black E60 M5 coming down Faringdon Lane :biggrin:

Nice to meet you mate, I've fogotten your name already. I'm sorry :( I was conscious of some of my bosses walking arround and perhaps wondering about who I knew who had a great car like Ashoks (most of them dont know I have one myself :p) & dumb struck by your car ouich.

"easy driver" was you username on here did you say ?

My (by Ashok proxy) first e60 M5 spot on the public roads :happybirt.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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