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We just got a new product it, wonderful to help protect your expensive BMW E39 M5 Key. Do take a look at it made of silicon based material and will help absorb impact if you drop your key. Available in multiple colors. We got a couple of each color in to see what is good, any color comments and recommendations, do let us know

Only $6.95:santasmile2:
BMW Key Cover Style J33 :

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Very cool product. So basically it's like a soft rubber skin that you slip over the key button part... ?
that is correct,
We got a few in to try and hopefully everyone likes it :)
Interesting idea. Especially for those of us with a drawer containing 6 identical fobs (2 for each car) - can sometimes be confusing and grab the wrong one.
thats a very good selling point too :) Never thought of that...... multiple keys can be confusing at times :)
new stock just arrived....all colors available :)
I can't tell by looking at the pic, does this cover up the keyring hole?
Hi, no it does not cover the key ring hole :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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