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So, it's official.... I will be co-hosting the DINAN Tent at Bimmerfest this year. That is like 20+ odd days away. If you are attending, please come on by and say hello, hang out, shoot the breeze or whatever else it is we Bimmernuts do.

I have a Bimmerfest Challenge ahead of me - Between now and then, I have to build a 2000 M5 DINAN 5 Signature car. This is the Silver Stone one some of you have seen. In addition to things like Exhaust, Intake, Suspension and such - I may need to do a sub-frame swap too! Whoo Hoo! I just love to challenge myself don't I?

Anyway, hope to see some familiar faces and meet new friends while I am down there. And HOPE I get this car project done - now that I have announced it. 馃榾
Oh Yeah, there will be some fun giveaways and show specials on offer. Also expect to display a couple of cars, and some new stuff from DINAN.
See you there!

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If I didn鈥檛 have a preplanned NOLA Trip during that weekend, I would definitely attend! Never been to Bimmerfest yet, definitely want to cross that off my bucket list. I guess there鈥檚 always next year..

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I've been debating going. I'm surfing the forums to see whether other folks are going. I really wish it was in Santa Barbara like the old days, though I can see the value of having a track for the folks who have that focus. I just don't want to thrash my DD and my brand new Michelins...
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