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New generation of REAR VIEW CAMERA retrofits are now available from Bimmer Retrofit (for E7x E8x, E9x series)!

The new Rear View Camera is a significant step forward from the previous model. The new model offers the following advantages:

- OEM integration with the iDrive. Camera turns on when you put the shifter in reverse and displays the image on the iDrive screen;
- Easy installation;
- Is installed into the door handle (back) and provides a much better view;
- Image quality is excellent;
- The camera is reliable
- No wires to cut - Simply plug and play;
- Guaranteed to work better than any competitors devices;
- No lags and black screens (as on some European made analogs);
- Can be used with any E7x, E8x and E9x CIC systems
- Designed and Developed in Canada by professionals in Electronic and Programming fields!

***New Features***
For the first time, this retrofit features a Programmable PNP Activation Module! Read below why it is better than any competitor's product!

1. This module can be easily re-programmed by the customer to suit his needs. Re-programming does not require any special technical skills and is done via a software update through the USB port.

2. This is an ideal product if you are planning to re-configure your vehicle in the future (such add a rear-view camera) or if you are planning to replace the vehicle altogether (E-series or F-series).

3. You will no longer need to replace your PNP activation module if you change your vehicle or change configuration of your vehicle. This means there is no waiting time, there is no money loss and there is no hassle at all! Just remove the PNP cable, get a software update from Bimmer Retrofit and perform a software update!

4. This is an ideal product for dealers, since they can purchase PNP modules in advance, without knowing the exact vehicle/configuration of the vehicle.

5. Features will become available to customers via a firmware update, when new features come out!

Re-programmable PNP Activation Module can be used to:
1. Activate navigation, voice control and video in motion in both E and F-series (CIC and NBT). By default, it is included in ALL of our CIC retrofit kits for E-series;

2. Can be used to activate rear-view camera (with/without PDC);

3. More features to come:
a. Error-code clean-up;​
b. Self-programmable rear-view camera. This means, no coding will be required after installation!​

For more information and pricing:
Rear-view camera
Re-programmable PNP Activation Module


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Happy to announce - we are ready to offer Rear View Camera retrofit for all proud owners of E6x !!!

For additional information - please send us PM or email: [email protected]
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