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Good day everyone and Thank you for reading!

We are pleased to announce that we are offering to our customers and to all of the BMW community CIC Navigation System Retrofit kits for E7x, E6x and E9x and newer series of BMW vehicles.

To all of our customers, no matter where they are located, we offer Remote Coding Services as well.

CIC Navigation System entered the BMW market not so long ago. It was introduced as a replacement to the older and inefficient CCC Navigation and Entertainment System, and opens a new chapter in OEM Vehicle Navigation and Entertainment Systems.

It is based on a powerful Video and Graphical processor; it has internal HDD for multimedia and maps storage. Fast response speed, high resolution of the display, appealing and ergonomic design, improved internal structure of the components and many other features make CIC Navigation System the leader in its class of OEM vehicle navigation systems. As such, CIC Navigation System has a strong potential to continue to be used as the platform for the development of newer functionalities and this means that BMW will continue using the CIC platform in the future series and generations of its models.

As opposed to its older counterpart CCC, CIC is compatible with various modules, such as Combox Media, BMW Connected Drive and Rear-view camera. So CIC is big step forward from the older CCC navigation system or MASK.

Bimmer Retrofit
Bimmer Retrofit Inc. is a Canadian-based company, located in the province of Quebec, but we are not limited to the Canadian market. We are one of the few companies in the world who offer CIC retrofits and other various services across borders, to customers worldwide, using Remote Coding. We also sell CIC Retrofit kits at our online store located at:

Our standard kits for any Ex series vehicles includes:
- CIC Head Unit updated with the latest software and pre-coded for your VIN
- CID 8.8” HD Display
- CIC iDrive Controller
- HD CID display cable
- USB Socket and cable for the glovebox
- Full retrofit coding
- Installation instructions

Each kit comes pre-coded for customer vehicle’s specs.
We provide our customers with Installation Manual which explains in detail how to perform retrofit of the CIC system in the vehicle. We also provide our customers with online (email, MSN, Skype) and phone support regarding the CIC installation.

Various models of BMW (E6x, E7x, E9x) may require some additional parts to be purchased for the CIC retrofit to be properly installed. Having the experience of working with a wide variety of BMW models, as part of our services, we provide our customers with a full list of all the parts which may be required for each specific CIC installation case.

CIC retrofit kits are offered in all of the following languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean

- English
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Dutch
- Arabic
- Chinese Traditional
- Chinese Simplified
- Korean
- Japanese
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Polish
- Swedish
- Romanian
- Hungarian
- Turkish
- Greek

Installation Packages
While understanding that CIC retrofit is something that costs quite a bit of money, we strive to make it affordable to everyone. We are proud to announce a “step-by-step” approach to CIC retrofit installation to those, who might not be willing to pay for the entire installation in one shot. This approach gives you the option to initially purchase the CIC system without expensive Navigation System and Voice System activation. You may do the activation later, when you are ready to make the additional investment.

Activation and CIC Coding
We also offer Bimmer Retrofit Hardware Activation for the Navigation and Voice functionality in your CIC system. This activation is done only in CIC unit and does not require any tempering with the wiring of your vehicle.
We will be happy to activate your CIC unit or to provide you this activation for the CIC unit purchased from our store.

In addition we offer remote coding for various options available in your vehicle but not activated for you by the manufacturer.

We will be happy to code your CIC system, purchased from any third party to work with your vehicle. However in this case we will not be responsible for any possible glitches in its functionality due to the fact that we did not perform the initial testing of this system.

Quality Control
Before shipping, each CIC system goes through a rigorous set of tests at our facilities to make sure that each and every one of customers receives a properly functioning system. The systems go through functionality, vibration and 48 hours burn-in tests. Despite the fact that we only use OEM parts for the CIC retrofits, it is important to be sure that the components are fully functional and meet all safety criteria.
All information regarding the services we offer can be found at our online store via the following link: BimmerRetrofit
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Wire Bank Transfer and Money Orders.

Why to buy from Bimmer Retrofit:
- We are a Canadian-based company, which employs highly experienced and dedicated individuals with professional experience and expertise in Electronics and Programming.
- Our team consists of a few specialists. Each specialist is a professional in a specific aspect of Electronics, programming, coding and vehicle retrofitting.
- We only use OEM parts for our retrofits
- We stock all our products at our warehouse in Canada
- Each product is individually and fully tested before shipping
- We provide full support to our customers (phone, email, MSN, Skype)
- Our prices are affordable
- We are flexible in terms of equipment sales and offer “step-by-step” approach to CIC installation

Retrofit Pricing:
Standard set of CIC Retrofit equipment for the E9x series will cost our customers $1599 CAD

More detailed information regarding our products and services may be found at our online store:

If you want to get any of your questions answered, the best way is to contact us at: [email protected]
We always do our best to reply to you within 24 hours.

We are also on Youtube:

Bimmer Retrofit Presents - BMW CIC System Retrofits - YouTube

Bimmer Retrofit Presents - Internet Access via CIC and Combox - YouTube

Bimmer Retrofit Presents - The Best CIC Retrofits for your BMW - YouTube


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Exx NBT retrofit

Bimmer Retrofit is working hard to make the NBT retrofit for E-series happen sooner than you think! We are getting closer and closer to the completion of the project and would like to inform you on the status of the retrofit.

We have received many emails from you guys asking questions, and here are some highlights for you based on the most common concerns:

- All of the back lights on the front panel are working;
- All of the buttons on the front panel are working and shortcuts are working too (memory buttons are also working);
- Steering wheel control buttons are working;
- Service intervals and vehicle info are working;
- Bluetooth is working;
- Rear-view camera is supported;
- iDrive touch controller is supported;
- Voice control is working;
- And of course, navigation is working too.

We need a little bit more time to run some final tests and make sure there are no problems before we release this retrofit in the global marker. As you can see, at this point the retrofit is 95% complete.

Thank you for your continuous interest and support - this is what keeps us going!

Please check out our pictures and new video below:

>>>>>Check out our NEW VIDEO below:<<<<<​

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Exx NBT retrofit

I know everyone is anxious to see some updates on the NBT retrofit in E-series, and here is a preview for you:

  1. Internal firmware of the Easy (eNBT) Retrofit Adapter can be updated via USB;
  2. Easy (eNBT) Retrofit Adapter includes service functionality such as Video in Motion, NBT Virginization and other. These functions can be selected and activated via iDrive controller.
  3. We are working on the extension of the Easy (eNBT) Retrofit Adapter functionality and once new functions are added, all customers may update their eNBT adapter internal firmware which we will provide free of charge.
The NBT retrofit is available for all E-series: E7x, E6x, E8x, E9x.
Please see our latest video for more updates.
This is a demonstration of the NBT retrofit in 2010 E71.

More pictures and videos to come very soon - stay tuned!


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Having major problems and missing functionalities of Bimmer Retrofit NBT kit for my 2007 BMW M5 SMG, and they have also gone radio silence since Oct 8th evening and not able to reach anyone via email or calls including last nite/ this morning Quebec time.

so would also appreciate if anyone know additional means to contact these personnel

George Mercier Director of Marketing [email protected]
Alex Monson Sales manager [email protected]
Kate Ivanova Customer Relations [email protected]
Olga Skorik Sales representative
Chris Technical Support [email protected]

Bimmer Retrofit
268 Pierre Boursier Blvd, Suite 160A
Chateauguay, QC J6J 4Z2
+1 (450) 844 4655
+1 (450) 977 1426 fax
[email protected]

tks for your help

My name is Alex Monson and I am director of Customer support team at Bimmer Retrofit Inc.
First of all I would like to kindly ask you to STOP spreading this false information around forums community and SPAMMING forums with identical messages. This is against the forum rules and we would like administrators to take a look into this case please.
We have not received any single email from you during past 9 days.
The last email which we have received and answered from you was dated by October 8th.
It has been received by Mr. Chris Popescu at Technical Support ([email protected]) and answered in full.
I suggest you to check your email software and the email address where you sent your emails please.

Also please be so kind to contact us via email (technical questions to: [email protected] or general sales questions to: [email protected]) as we would like to keep track of all information exchange with you for simplification of any further support.
When writing emails to us, please MAKE sure that you typed our address correctly. Since all previous emails from you were received and answered by us without any issues, I assume that any new emails from you will be delivered to us without any problems.

It is not our first priority to answer phone calls due to limited human resources however we do try to answer 100% of all email correspondence coming at our email addresses with in 24-48 hours. We do not have a dedicated call center at our company and answering phone calls ONLY upon availability. Emails, however are answered in full.

Any further questions related to this matter should be forwarded to our company's email address and will not be answered here.
Thank you for your understanding.
Alex Monson

P.S. The Fax number which you mentioned is NOT correct and does not belong to Bimmer Retrofit. Please correct your previous post to avoid confusions.
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