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Bimmer Retrofit is proud to announce that the NBT Retrofit kits for E-series (E6x, E7x, E9x, E8x) are available!

Since we first launched this retrofit in January this year, we've fixed some bugs along the way, and now all features are supported.
You will have an opportunity to purchase either the complete NBT retrofit for E6x or just one of our eNBT Retrofit Adapters if you are planning to source your own hardware.

The complete NBT retrofit for E6x will include:

  • NBT head unit, updated with the latest software
  • NBT CID display for E9x/E6x
  • eNBT PNP adapter
  • well as any other parts that may be required in your case.

Please check out our videos for demonstration of the NBT retrofit using our own eNBT Retrofit Adapter.

NBT Retrofit kit in E92:

NBT Retrofit kit in E71:

Sports Display:

Other screenshots:

Videos will be coming soon

Stay tuned and let us know if you have any questions! ;)

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Having major problems and missing functionalities of Bimmer Retrofit NBT kit for my 2007 BMW M5 SMG, and they have also gone radio silence since Oct 8th evening and not able to reach anyone via email or calls including last nite/ this morning Quebec time.

so would also appreciate if anyone know additional means to contact these personnel

George Mercier Director of Marketing [email protected]
Alex Monson Sales manager [email protected]
Kate Ivanova Customer Relations [email protected]
Olga Skorik Sales representative
Chris Technical Support [email protected]

Bimmer Retrofit
268 Pierre Boursier Blvd, Suite 160A
Chateauguay, QC J6J 4Z2
+1 (450) 844 4655
+1 (450) 977 1426 fax
[email protected]

tks for your help

My name is Alex Monson and I am director of Customer support team at Bimmer Retrofit Inc.
First of all I would like to kindly ask you to STOP spreading this false information around forums community and SPAMMING forums with identical messages. This is against the forum rules and we would like administrators to take a look into this case please.
We have not received any single email from you during past 9 days.
The last email which we have received and answered from you was dated by October 8th.
It has been received by Mr. Chris Popescu at Technical Support ([email protected]) and answered in full.
I suggest you to check your email software and the email address where you sent your emails please.

Also please be so kind to contact us via email (technical questions to: [email protected] or general sales questions to: [email protected]) as we would like to keep track of all information exchange with you for simplification of any further support.
When writing emails to us, please MAKE sure that you typed our address correctly. Since all previous emails from you were received and answered by us without any issues, I assume that any new emails from you will be delivered to us without any problems.

It is not our first priority to answer phone calls due to limited human resources however we do try to answer 100% of all email correspondence coming at our email addresses with in 24-48 hours. We do not have a dedicated call center at our company and answering phone calls ONLY upon availability. Emails, however are answered in full.

Any further questions related to this matter should be forwarded to our company's email address and will not be answered here.
Thank you for your understanding.
Alex Monson

P.S. The Fax number which you mentioned is NOT correct and does not belong to Bimmer Retrofit. Please correct your previous post to avoid confusions.

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all pls note BIMMER RETROFIT refused to accept our returns and do not honor the earlier refund arrangement despite all the troubles caused to our E60 LCI / NBT compatibility issues, despite our sincere offer to exchange since Oct 20th emails and contacts.

Bimmer retrofit also now claiming its past their internal return policy of 30 days which was not communicated in advance at all


this forum also helped sponsor to suspend customer account without through investigation of poor services
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