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Beware of backing Mercedes in Marin County!

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Okay, I know others have posted similar incidents, but I have to vent for a minute.

My wife and I stopped in for a little CPK in Corte Madera this weekend, on our way down to the South Bay. I found a nice remote parking spot well protected in one corner of the parking lot and we enjoyed a nice lunch. (The Roasted Garlic Chicken pizza is A#1 mmmmmm )

After lunch I pull out of my parking spot and kindly wait for a gold convertible CLK MBZ (very pretty car) to pass before pulling into the lane that exits the parking lot.

Just as I start to move I see the MBZ reverse light illuminate. I stop. The MBZ starts to move back. I honk. It keeps coming. My heart races. I honk again (a longer honk) and start getting into reverse then BANG. :mad:

A good deep scratch in the bumper and one of the bumper inserts popped out and scratched the lens on the headlight. Apparently she saw a parking spot and was determined to get it. She politely provided her contact and insurance info. I think her bumper damage can be rubbed out with some good rubbing compound but mine is definitely scratched.

Two body shops gave me quotes: $990 and $1,050.

The lady is going to pay for the repairs herself to avoid her preimums being raised. Lucky for her the headlight asssembly is being replaced under the factory warranty (the auto-leveling thing is broken) otherwise I've been told that would up the estimate more than $1k.

She got her parking spot however. Funny part is she could have made the turn by only backing up a couple of feet. I was a good 10 feet behind her when she started backing up

Upside: the holes left over from the front license plate the previous owner had will be taken care of. I am also considering *painting the lower grille *painting foglight surrounds *painting side moldings.

Does anyone have any pictures of these items painted?

Thanks for listening,

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At least she was nice about all of it. I really hate to be in those situations, as you know it is just a car, but it is only carelessness that caused it, and it is all too easy to get upset. Hopefully you'll be back on the road with the bumper fixed in no time.
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