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Best polish wax for dark colors

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Whats everyones opinion on the best protestion for our dark colored cars.
Polish or wax? Why?
I use Zymol polish now. It is not easy to remove but it leaves a very streak free, swirl free, wet look. Wax always seems to leave streaks and build up. However I'm told that wax is best applied over a polish. Does that eliminate the styreaks? Opinions, experience??? Bruce
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Been on Polish for the last 4 years with various cars. Seems to give a better and lasting shine to dark colored vehicles and helps with swirl marks which can appear. Started with Finish First products on Dakota (red) , Durango (red), and M3 (carbon black). Have now switched to Zaino Bro's for my M5 (jet black) Both were very easy to use.
But, they did require lengthy first steps to prepare the paint. I actually think the Finish First product was better in that respect. While the Zaino Bros is the better polish.
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