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i'm thinking about the best ICE combo for my car, i'll be replacing the head-unit too, i've looked at the link:-

In-Car Electronics Awards 2010-2011 | EISA - The European Imaging and Sound Association

which i've cut and pasted below, i'm thinking of going with the component speakers they recommend, in terms of head unit, probably the sony A/V head unit and later add the sony tom tom sat nav later which i believe is due for release later this year. will the speakers, intergrator, headunit, amp and subwoofer recommended below work well together? and would i need to upgrade the battery? or just make sure my current battery(the one m5 london recommends) /alternator are all tip top? has anyone had experience of the products recommended below? thanks in advance,

<CUFON style="MARGIN-TOP: 4px; WIDTH: 44px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 3px; HEIGHT: 18px" class="cufon cufon-vml" alt="EISA "><CUFONCANVAS style="HEIGHT: 19px; TOP: -1px; LEFT: 0px"><?xml:namespace prefix = cvml ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><cvml:shape style="WIDTH: 56px; HEIGHT: 19px" stroked="f" coordsize="1083,366" coordorigin="-7,-290" path=" m197,0 l33,0,33,-256,197,-256,197,-221,72,-221,72,-147,179,-147,179,-112,72,-112,72,-35,197,-35,197,0 x e m-7,-290 l1076,76 ns e" fillcolor="black"></cvml:shape><CUFON style="MARGIN-TOP: 4px; WIDTH: 59px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 3px; HEIGHT: 18px" class="cufon cufon-vml" alt="In-Car "><CUFONCANVAS style="HEIGHT: 19px; TOP: -1px; LEFT: 0px"><cvml:shape style="WIDTH: 71px; HEIGHT: 19px" stroked="f" coordsize="1360,366" coordorigin="-7,-290" path=" m72,0 l33,0,33,-256,72,-256,72,0 x e m-7,-290 l1353,76 ns e" fillcolor="black"></cvml:shape><cvml:shape style="WIDTH: 71px; HEIGHT: 19px" stroked="f" coordsize="1360,366" coordorigin="-885,-290" path=" m157,-167 l130,-140 c109,-164,66,-150,66,-111 l66,0,29,0,29,-183,65,-183,65,-163 c82,-188,135,-195,157,-167 x e m-885,-290 l475,76 ns e" fillcolor="black"></cvml:shape><cvml:shape style="WIDTH: 71px; HEIGHT: 19px" stroked="f" coordsize="1360,366" coordorigin="-1043,-290" path=" m-1043,-290 l317,76 ns e" fillcolor="black"></cvml:shape></CUFONCANVAS><CUFONTEXT>In-Car </CUFONCANVAS><CUFONTEXT>Electronics </CUFONCANVAS><CUFONTEXT>Awards </CUFONCANVAS><CUFONTEXT>2010-2011</CUFONTEXT><cvml:shape coordsize="1000,1000"></cvml:shape></CUFON>
European In-Car Speaker System 2010-2011 - Audison Voce AV K6

Following experience gained with the Thesis Line, Audison has transferred all the magic of these prestigious speakers into a quite affordable product. This two-way system can be used in every car, delivering high output even when used with moderately powered amplifiers, while excellent linearity and very low distortion make it a perfect choice for an audiophile from the real world.

European In-Car High-End Component 2010-2011 - Bewith Confidence Bianco Fuji

No one expected that a conventional cone type speaker could be completely re-invented in the new millennium or that such a top level system could feature cone tweeters. Similar to others at first glance, Bewith drivers are actually engineered differently, perform differently and are installed differently. The drivers are literally eccentric being the only drivers with asymmetrical cones. Like no others, these Bewith speakers bring the atmosphere of exquisite high-end into a car.

European In-Car Integration 2010-2011 - JBL MS-8

The newest technology in OEM car audio integration, the MS-8 will accept speaker level signals from any OEM head unit including vehicles where traditional system building is next to impossible. The system employs smart features such as radio controlled remote control, auxiliary display and binaural microphone. It takes just 10 minutes for the built-in calibrator to automatically optimize crossover settings, frequency response and time alignment, providing a realistic soundstage to listeners in any seat of the vehicle. A sophisticated device for sophisticated vehicles.

European In-Car Head Unit 2010-2011 - Kenwood KIV-700

This company’s first diskless receiver takes a big step toward satisfying the needs of the music and video lover of today’s world, where media files are stored on computers and selected from playlists instead of from a CD pack. The KIV-700 will easily reproduce audio and video from external storage devices such as; USB sticks, portable HDD and iPod/iPhone in a wide variety of formats and resolutions. Video content can be watched on the unit’s own 3 inch screen. Diskless Kenwood uses the highest quality uncompressed WAV format and employs a comprehensive DSP so sound purists won’t be disappointed either.

European In-Car Amplifier 2010-2011 - Mosconi Gladen AS 100.4

The AS 100.4 is definitely Italian as demonstrated by its quality and style. This elegantly engineered four-channel class AB amplifier includes all the features you would expect from an amplifier of this class plus really unique features such as a slot for preconfigured vehicle specific filter modules offering equalization and sound stage enhancement. This amplifier’s design strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, exceeding the highest expectations of the audiophile.

European In-Car Navi-Media System 2010-2011 - Pioneer AVIC-F20BT

The Pioneer AVIC-F20BT is the new star among the AV navigation systems. Its genuine navigation software and new 3D user interface combines best performance with easiest usability. It offers accurate and clear road guidance, multiple multimedia functions and Bluetooth connection. Pioneer’s ingenious NavGate Feeds system allows data uploads from computers and smartphones. AVIC-F20BT easily handles huge music collections stored on CD, DVD, iPod, USB or SD offering high-end audio and video quality without compromise. The unique Music Sphere function helps you find and play the only song you want from thousands you have stored, to listen to right now!

European In-Car Subwoofer 2010-2011 - Pioneer TS-SW3001

High quality bass is not only for those who are prepared to sacrifice space in their cars. This technologically advanced subwoofer from Pioneer sets not one but two records of compactness. Not only is the driver so slim that it takes very little space inside the enclosure, the enclosure itself can be made surprisingly small. A few liters of volume is enough for this 12” driver to deliver really powerful, audiophile bass in the car.

European In-Car A/V Head Unit 2010-2011 - Sony XAV-70BT


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eisa foccuses on best quality versus price.
the audison products are very good, they are on the high end market..and not cheap.quality has its price.everything over 200-300£ for a set(2 speakers+tweeters and crossover) is ok/good quality.
always look for RMS values, dont stare blind on watts that are on the box.
try too use same brands for speakers in the car..mixing brands is not a good idea (personal prefference), iff one off the brands is worse then the other the overall quality sound is gone.

high end brands too look for;

one off the four brands and you cant go wrong.but dont get what you pay for.

iff you dont want too spend allot, go


the usual well known brands as they say.

the question is what do you want too spend in the first place?
what type off music do you play most?
what are you looking for? just a stock upgrade, a boom car or a concert hall?

and always go to a respected high end car audio store too look and listen too different brands/types before buying.

i got focal speakers and 1 little sub from focal, driven by a DLS amp. very happy from the quality they pusch. focussed on rock music with a good bass.not over the top
but count on a +2K £ bill for everything

if money isn't a object..go focal utopia series.make sure you sit down iff you ask prices though :7:

for amps you need atleast a 5channel amp for the 4 speakers +1sub. or go 1x 4channel amp for speakers and 1 amp 2channel bridged/monoblock for 1sub or 4channel bridged for 2 subs
dont save on the amp price..a good amp is 3/4 succes on a full set up .

thats all i know, more respected members with knowledge on audio will chime in for sure.

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budget - well i'm saving up for this - but i'm looking at up to 4000 gbp installed. aiming to get this done in sept. but if i have an idea of what to go for, i can spend a few months looking for good deals that come on ebay or parts sold on by members etc. failing that whatever i haven't got hold of i will buy in september and have it installed.
i'm looking for a sound set up with a minimal draw on the car's battery with the best possible sound quality and volume and would ideally like components that are light and don't take up much space. ie: a light weight, high end discrete install would be the ideal.
in terms of music, i listen to classical -rnb - rock - indie. my fiance is mostly rnb and drum and bass. i am also looking to have rear head screens, dvd player, tv and a ps2/game cube with 4 controllers (when i'm not driving of course!)
that's about it!
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