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Hey all!

I'm the proud owner of a silver pre-facelift e39 and I'm looking to update the look to post-facelift angel eyes with clear sidemarkers as well as facelifted euro tail lights. I've found that used OEM euro facelifted tail lights can be had for ~$150 but the same cant be said for headlights.

I was wondering if anyone owns or has had experience with aftermarket options for angel eyes on pre-facelift cars. I'm new to the forums and new to e39 modifications so please bear with me here. I have a few other nagging questions that I haven't found straight answers to:

1) Is there a difference between HID and Xenon headlights? One needs ballasts and I've seen them used interchangeably.
2) Are ballasts required for the function of the light type that needs them? Do they just prevent the warning light on the dash or are they critical in other ways?
3) As someone on a budget, should I go for a middle ground set of headlights and possibly upgrade later, cheap out hardcore now and then upgrade later, or wait and go for the full deal without a middle ground?
4) For the facelifted tail lights: aside from the mody modifications needed to fit the bulbs, can they be 'plug and play?' I've heard that they need ballasts as well so this ties into question #2 - if I got a pair of lights without ballasts, could I just plug them in and ignore any warning lights?

I'm sure there's more questions that will come up in discussion so my apologies if I sound pretty uneducated. I've tried to do as much research as I can but without actually buying or working on anything its hard to know exactly what I'm talking about.
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