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Best Dealer in LA/OC for Service??? Help with Error Codes

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I need to take my car in for a constant problem I am having. The car runs great when I drive at a moderate pace, but every time I floor the throttle to have some fun, the car hesitates and makes a "blat...blat...blat" type of sound that you can also feel. Then the SES light will come on. If I turn the car off and restart, the SES will go off and the car will drive okay, that is until I try to go WOT again. The last time it did this, I went to my independent BMW mechanic to read and reset the codes and it came up with:
  • 196 - Misfire Cylinder #1
  • 170 - Min Secondary Air Flow
  • 57 - Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • 38 - O2 Heater ? (Couldn't Read Tech's writing)
  • 129 - Internal ? (Couldn't Read Tech's writing)
  • 106 - Brake Switch (Fixed)
  • 6 - (ABS) Front Right Wheel Speed Sensor
  • 7 - (ABS) Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor
What do you guys think the problem is. I will be cleaning out my MAF hopefully this weekend and see if this resolves the problem. If not, I would like to take it to the dealer to see what they find.

I am close to Long Beach BMW and used them before for my E34 M5, but did not have great confidence with the SA I was dealing with. I would like your opinions on Long Beach BMW, McKenna, South Bay, Crevier, Sterling, etc... Which is the best dealer, SA and Tech to work on our very special cars.:crying: :crying:
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Any advice out there???:confused3 :crying: :confused:

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Try Bullet Performance in Costa Mesa. They are all factory trained, and most came from Crevier BMW. They may be able to help or at least recommend a dealer to cover any warranty issues.
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