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From Bentley’s very earliest days, open-top cars have been an
intrinsic part of the company’s heritage. Over the decades that followed
many revered convertible or ‘drophead’ models were created,
both by notable Bentley coachbuilders such as Mulliner,
Park Ward, and later ‘in-house’ at the company’s Crewe headquarters.

From the 1955 Park Ward S1 Drophead Coupé, through the later
Corniche and Continental eras, up to the magnificent Azure of 1995,
an entire portfolio of unashamedly glamorous and wonderfully
desirable cars meant that Bentley retained its reputation as
the creator of the world’s most elegant convertibles.

Now that reputation has grown once more with the unveiling of the new
Bentley Arnage Drophead Coupé show car at the 2005 Los Angeles
Auto Show. It is a true four-seater convertible for the 21st
century: a unique blend of classic Bentley design and
craftsmanship married to a high-technology platform sourced from the 2005 Model Year Arnage. As such, it is the perfect natural successor
to the Bentley Azure, whose eight-year lifespan cemented the
marque’s status as the prime provider of four-seater convertibles
to this sector of the market.

First and foremost, the design is unmistakeably Bentley - it shares
the same front end as the current Arnage range and its platform
ensures it seats four adults in complete comfort. But it is also
unmistakeably unique. The entire cabin and rear section of the car
are newly designed, with a stunning new interior that has been
influenced by contemporary furniture design; the objective being
to create an opulent and inviting seating area that reflects its status
as a car that is at home in Palm Springs or the Riviera.

The Arnage Drophead Coupé show car is more than just a conceptual
design study, however. Its unveiling in Los Angeles represents the
culmination of a truly innovative development programme that means
the car is entirely production viable, as Bentley’s chairman Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen explains:

"The 2005 Arnage range has been extensively re-engineered at
significant cost and is a very modern, high-technology saloon.
It is natural, therefore, that we would use this base to further our
reputation as the pre-eminent builder of large, luxury convertibles in the world.

"We had such amazing success with the Bentley Azure, which has
developed a cult following although production stopped in 2003.
There’s no reason why this new Arnage derivative couldn’t fill the
gap left by the Azure. If customer demand is there, it could go into
production within a very short space of time - as early as Spring 2006."


Bentley’s design team cites the 1955 Park Ward S1 Drophead Coupé
and 1995 Azure as its main influences for the Arnage Drophead Coupé
show car. Like the ’50s convertible, the car has a deep body with a single feature line that runs along both flanks and rises at the powerful
rear haunches before spearing off at the rear of the car. Similarly, the Azure’s fast and flowing roofline is echoed in the show car’s
stunning seven-bow canvas roof that gives the car such a visible
sporting profile when raised.

"The Arnage Drophead Coupé is the latest in a long line of much-admired
Bentley convertibles and we wanted to reflect that heritage as directly as possible," says Dirk van Braeckel, director of design, Bentley Motors.
"The key to a four-seater convertible is that its grace and elegance is on display when the roof is down but it shouldn’t lose any of that beauty
when it is raised. We think we have struck that balance with the beautiful lines of the roof."

That objective was achieved, explains Bentley’s head of exterior design
Raul Pires by inclining the windscreen as far back as possible - the car is 35mm lower than an Arnage. "We have tried to make the roof look as
‘fast’ as we can," he says. "The result is a design that combines
fluidity, sportiness and elegance."

A new rear boot section also helps to accentuate the contemporary feel of
the new convertible. Prominent wheel arches grace a slender, narrowing
boot that results in a ‘horse shoe’ trailing edge. This graceful shape is
reminiscent of the first Crewe-built

Bentley, the 1946 MK6, and the overall effect is a subtle nod to the
power and performance that lies beneath the stunning Meteor Blue bodywork.

New LED rear tail-lamps use technology borrowed from the Continental GT coupé range; while a chrome surround echoes the Arnage front head-lamp units. Further brightwork is found in the form of chrome exhaust finishers and handcrafted chrome bumpers and sills that extend around the entire car and sit alongside unique, six-spoke, 19-inch chrome-finished alloy wheels.

Of course, the nature of a convertible means that its interior is often on display as much as its exterior and the design team knew that the car’s spacious cabin would need to make as big a statement as its stunning body. The decision was taken early on in the programme to design a rear-seat compartment that captures some of the exquisite feel and look of earlier Bentley convertibles.

"The S1 Drophead Coupé from 1955 had a wonderfully understated but luxurious interior," says Robin Page, head of interior design, Bentley Motors. "For example, the doors had simple armrests with a leather pad on them and we have reflected that in this car’s hide-trimmed armrests that run the length of the cabin sides and appear to be suspended away from the door’s actual surface.

"Similarly, we admired the fluted leather in earlier drophead Continentals and echoed that with the vast amounts of warm and inviting leather hide that extends past the seats and onto the parcel shelf, thereby emphasising the impressive dimensions of the rear compartment."

It’s not only heritage that influenced the Arnage Drophead Coupé’s look and feel. The interior design team appreciated the simplicity of the contemporary Peel chair created by Norwegian Olav Eldoy, who recognised that the swirling curve of a slice of orange peel could be the concept for a body-hugging seat. Those same principles are reflected in the curving rear seat and arm rest. For added atmosphere, indirect lighting casts a warm glow of light behind the door arm rests.

As in every Bentley, peerless craftsmanship is to the fore in the cabin. Beautiful Burr Oak veneers with a Boxwood inlay act as a counterpoint to the Cotswold and Nautic Blue leather while a wooden steering wheel with inlayed chrome rim is unique to the car.

More pictures & info:

This is a stunning car! I think it's a reaction from Rolls Royce putting the 100EX into production. I still prefer the Rolls 100EX, though.


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Veery nice!

although in aabout a month some rappers will buy it, send it to West Coast Customs and put smoe 24-inch chrome blingy, lowered suspension, yellow Porsche brake calipers, etc :crying:

As one of 'em say :
Bentley : the B is for "Big Dog"

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BlueBiturbo said:
Veery nice!

although in aabout a month some rappers will buy it, send it to West Coast Customs and put smoe 24-inch chrome blingy, lowered suspension, yellow Porsche brake calipers, etc :crying:

As one of 'em say :
Bentley : the B is for "Big Dog"
I agree, but then again, the original Bentleys were sports cars, not luxury cars. Rolls-Royce will make a new convertible but the Phantom is bangle ugly.

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Very nice - thanks for posting. I do think this car will be very colour dependent.. dark blue would look gorgeous!

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I love it - Masons Black would also be a good colour.

Reminds me of when it was summer and I was working in London and I saw a Bentley Azure go past. I asked my female friend - what would you rather do - go back to work or drive down to the south of France in that?

One day! :)

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In my opinion the front of the pre-facelift Arnage looks way better.
I`d prefer a conti GT convertible - In production at 2006?

That thing looks magnificent. :)
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