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Hi guys!

Just wanted your help on my beast.

I currently have a B&B muffler, reso and no cat. (got the car this way)

While the exhaust tone sounds fantastic at WOT, partial throttle is too drone-y.

As my daily commute to work involves no freeways or highways, I think it is better to install some sports cat to minimize noise + drone. (+ the fact that me and my wife are having a baby soon :) )

So I have no cat left and I can't buy a used one here so I was planning on buying a generic sports cat in the net and having it shipped here. Any suggestions? Was eyeing a Miltek sports cat before (for m5 specific), but due to budget concerns, I might just go generic sports cat and custom straight pipe to maximize power. The rest of my budget will soon go to a BBS RS-GT fund.

Any suggestions on which sports cat to get? inlet? My local muffler guys is freakin awesome and I have no doubts on his capabilities. (used to do my turbo pipings)

This is what I am eyeing to get:
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