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Bay area wheel repair

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Hey guys -

I just had 3 of my rims repaired on my new M5 -- after totaling my previous one 4 weeks ago. This guy does a fantastic job.

His name is Trevor Nishihira: 650-290-0800. He just started working with a new paint that matches the black chrome on our stock wheels and the results are impressive.

A bit pricey at $200/wheel, but it looks factory. Anyway, if you've got some chewed-up rims, I certainly recommend him.

Cheers -
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There is another place in the bay area that charges $180 - paint only.

Pacific Rims in Pittsburg, CA

It is a black powder coat, chrome semi translucent, then clear.

This the combo trevor uses?

(BTW- tip: if the inside of the wheel is NOT black, chances are it is a repaint/non-factory finish)

Nice to have a few choices!

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