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Car has ran cold ever since I bought it. I decided to tackle the thermostat this weekend and boy was it fun. This is one of those jobs where if you know the tips and tricks you can knock it out painlessly in a good hour... otherwise you may be in for a weekend full of stress. I was faced with the latter, but hopefully my tips for success will help someone else in the future. There is a ton of topics already on m5board but it took me a good amount of time to sift through the 30 page one to collect all the tips.

Tips for success:

- Disconnect the two Vanos oil lines, put a rag or paper towel under them to collect the drips of oil. It is advised to replace the crush washers. I didn't have any on hand so I will be paying close attention until I can replace them. It's still a challenge getting the housing out with the vanos lines loosened up way, I have no idea how you guys do it without moving it.
- This one is obvious but make sure you tighten the oil lines. I forget to torque one down and was left with a nightmare mess of oil everywhere when I started the car for the first time. Rookie mistake.
- Now for the fun part: installing the housing without snapping the o-rings. It took me three tries, the first two I snapped one of the right or left o-rings and had a nice leak. The first two times, I left the pipes still connected to the housing and tried to insert them into the block. It's a challenge to press them in evenly and I failed each time.
- What worked for me: The third time, I took all three pipes and put them in the freezer for about an hour, with the o-rings attached. I lubed them up with vasoline (i only used undiluted coolant the first two times), and after freezing them I connected the left and right pipes to the block, and had the middle pipe connected to the housing. This time around, install was a walk in the park. Lined them up and pushed ever so slightly and everything pressed in without the snap of the o-rings like the first two times.

I had a little panic attack cause I was getting a little dripping but it turned out to be residual oil and coolant on the belly pans from the previous leaks. Repair was a success as I'm getting 79C and a faster warm up. I can already feel a difference in performance and I can't wait to measure my MPGs. I'd imagine I'll get better than the usual 17-19 I've been getting :)
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