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great story! thanks for posting...

"I let the M6 go. It takes quite something to make a new, Porsche 911 Carrera S look slow, but that is exactly what the M6 is, and that is precisely what it did.

.......Read more into the BMW's ability to hit 200kph from rest in 14sec flat: the Carrera S would struggle to get there in much below 17sec.

...And read most into the fact that the Carrera S will stop accelerating at 291kph: were you to relieve the V10 of its electronic shackles, the M6 would keep going all the way to 328kph. A Maserati MC12 will go no faster."

and best of all..."This, then, is a shatteringly fast car, the swiftest road car BMW has ever made, no less. No car has worn the M-badge with greater conviction "....

what a machine...
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