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Deckard said:
I want to have the front bumper repainted on my B3S Coupe. I have obtained the bumper removal instructions for a standard 330ci (Facelift), but still can't solve the mystery.

On the regular 330 Coupe there are two long bolts that hold the bumper up front. I've checked them on my car, but because of the Alpina lip, I can't see them.

Does this mean that I need to detach the Alpina lip to remove the whole bumper? And does anyone know how is this lip attached to the bumper? I have the Alpina parts list, there's a double-sided tape and a big bolt listed there. So, is it safe to assume that the lip is attached with tape and with a bolt?

Any help would be appreciated.
You mean these:?

As far as I can see on Alpina's website the lip doesn't cover the upper half of the bumper, so shouldn't obscure the holes. Is it possible one can't see the bolts unless the lower grille or foglights are removed? I know that's the case on an X5....
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