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was in nottingham on saturday, and popped in to sytner to look at the estoril blue alpina b3s convertible 2004, the car looked very nice, although i could see it had been standing outside for some considerable amount of time, the brake disc were well rusted and the car wouldn't start, even when i asked about the alpina they didn't even know they had a convertible b3s, due to the fact that more people are buying the E46 M3's or the roadster s.

Anyway i did test drive the car, yes it was fast although, the acceleration was not as fast as i expected, but was still adequate enough. the price was £37,995, although on the tuesday the price has now dropped to £36,500, lucky i didn't make the deal on the saturday.

The reason i didn't buy this car, well not yet i because my missus didn't like the fact that the aplina rhombs, roundels were missing also, for that price i'd expect a hard-top. i've also noticed that the alpina b3 3.3 and b3s do not sell so easy, every car that i've been looking into over the last 2 months i still available.with most b3 3.3 approx £7k-£10k less than the b3s so i may just hold tight for abit to see who can give me the best deal, also give me time to empty my garage :blabla:

At present there are three cars that i'd definetely choose from so far, with the one i've mentioned just being in the list. these dealers are constantly phoning me every day to find out what my intentions are yet.
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