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B38 MAF inside wire/heated broken!

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Hey guys,

does anybody here knows what wire diamter or where can I get some wire to run a new line for my MAF? Engine is back in the car but after checking few things, I found that my MAF wasn't working and further inspection revealed the cause, the thin wire is broken.

My B38 MAF was recently rebuilded and modified by InjectionLabs in USA and sending my MAF to them again is a pain in the *** because of customs and what not that doens't let people get used stuff imported. Besides the time is critic right now.

Any tip or help would be much appreciated


PS: Found this link that says the wire is made from some platinum metal so I wonder from where these MAF rebuilders get their platinum wires from?
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Had the same problem, needed to send my 3.6 MAF back. About a year has passed, still works good.
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