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For the Canadian market his BiN price is pretty good. Much better than the $45k he was asking last year at this time (of course the CDN$ relative to the US$ is much better now as well, though not the same for the Euro).

Given its Japanese origin there are a few factors to consider. The likely Japanese asking price for this car would have been from 1.2-2 million yen, depending on its condition and origin (was it a Nicole import or 3rd party). That's about 12k-20k Canadian. Adding the costs associated with getting it into Canada, taxes paid, and it'd be around $16k-27k all up. Japanese cars are low miles (km) and generally mostly city driving (they love autos by the way, and I've even seen an M635 converted to auto advertized there :eek:oohhh:).

The biggest problem is figuring out the market here. While it's pretty easy to sell a BMW, rare models and models that were never officially imported are tough to read. They are enthusiasts cars, and enthusiasts are a tough crowd. The "professional" appraisal sounds to me like he paid a guy used to appraising old Mustanks and 'Cudas, who was stumped on his on-line research. As I said, his BiN is in keeping with the Canadian market, but he'd still better be patient. Not many people know what the difference is between this and a $4k 750iL.

Oh, and if I had the dosh, I'd consider making a reasonable offer on it.
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