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B10 BT for sale at 9k euros French eBay

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This is an old friend and I think this car already was for sale (some months ago)...

Seller says : If car does not sell for 9k (IMHO some room for discussion) it will be parted out and all parts sold separately...

Would mean a BT less on this wild world... grrrrrrr
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The color of the car is not very desireable compare to a black or blue one-the problems mentioned above will cost roundabout 10.000 Euros including work to do it properly. There is nothing said on the mileage of this car....
I already have history on the had 198k km in June 2007.

Some people like having a rare color like this for collectibility but I agree in general a black or blue car would be easier to sell. I wonder if there is 9k euro worth of parts though if the engine isn't working 100%.
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