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B10 Biturbo bits

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I'm going to need a couple of bits to finish the Biturbo when we eventually get there.

A sachs clutch plate (was destroyed when the car was moved around with flat tyres)

An alpina front splitter (was destroyed by the fence which destroyed the rest of the car)

I think i may have found a replica front spoiler in latvia for about 85 Euro , the only place so far to get the clutch plate seems to be Sachs themselves at around £350.

Any ideas and pointers gratefully recieved.


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Another question, Which fuel tank did alpina modify and fit to the Biturbo?
Mostly the BiTurbos had the 90l tank from the E34 M5. Additionally there was a small Alpina-specific tank in the luggage compartment.
For your touring this won't work as it will sit in the middle of the floor.

Some of the E34 B10 V8 Tourings had a 90 liter tank as well directly from BMW. That's what I would recommend. No idea on parts... possibly the 90l limousine tank is a direct fit? :dunno:
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