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Hello all

My first posting in unfortunate circumstances.

:crying: Getting sent overseas with work so need to sell my B10:crying:

Car in '92 - J plate - 150,000kms on the clock.

One previous owner allthough DVLC paperwork says 2 - I think original importer registered it in his neighbours name as some kind of tax dodge.

Alpina Blue (same as the one currently on MCP but without the Alpina stripes), fully loaded, buffalo hide etc etc etc......

Car has had intermitent use since I bought via MCP with 95,000kms on the clock in September 2000.

I do not have FSH but have most of paperwork and MOT certs to show providence.

It has been parked up for 18 months out of the last two years and needs a bit of work doing to get it back to A1.

Only major work I've had done is new clutch at 125,000kms.
  • Front discs and pads - corroded due to standing time.
  • Engine - valves sticking a little due to standing time.
  • Paintwork - a few chips and marks - particularly to front spoiler.
  • O/S wing mirror cracked - replacement glass on order.
  • Alloys - 2 have light kerbing marks.
  • Electrical - Central locking plays up occaisionally and rear n/s electric window only closes on door switch (not from drivers central panel).
  • Needs MOT and I will do before sale.
If I spend the time on it I know I will have second thoughts about letting it go.

I was looking for 12.5K in A1 condition but will let it go for 11K as is.

Any interest?

Just in case no interest can anybody advise best place to get my hands on discs / pads and get someone to take a look at the valves.

I will take some photo's this weekend and add to posting.


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mj engineering speak to mark hes the dogs nuts on bi-turbos and hes rebuilt quite a few alpinas he did the full rebuild on mine. as for the parts main dealer unless you go in to europe then order through dealer there much cheaper. pm me for marks number :wroom: :cheers:
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