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I have been trawlng the various threads regarding the Avin head unit and not being an electronics guy I am seem to be missing something...perhaps some may say a frontal lobe!

I have an Avin Avant 2 unit (the nav cable as well) and the BSW stage one speaker kit. I have the factory DSP amp and I have seen a thread that mentions "just unplug the DSP amp" and after my last visit to the car stereo store I want to take all my gear and be prepared as in all fairness to the store their forte is late model cars and cars like mine arent generally seen.

If I unplug the DSP amp can I just wire in a a new amp (given the more normal impedance of the BSW speakers) or do I definitely need a crossover like GAS? I have a 5 channel FUSION DA series amp which would be handy to use

Without leaving my old unit somewhere in the car is it possible to get the AVIN to cooperate with the DSP amp and not blow hundreds of dollars in labour?

Is the issue the actual internals of the amp or how it distributes to the multitude of channels?

I am assuming the addtional NAV cable just makes the factory unit think the system is still installed so as not to cause error codes to be generated?

Perhaps I just need to be told in small words with LARGE letters for the penny to drop.....sorry for being a dimwit and if anyone has a definitive link to the right info that would be appreciated.
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