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BMW M3 Cabrio
4.0l V8, 4 valves/cyl.
420 PS at 8,200 rpm
400 Nm at 3,900 rpm
7-speed DSG, RWD
0-100 km/h: 5.1s
0-160 km/h: 11.2s
0-200 km/h: 17.3s
100-0 km/h: 33.5m
Vmax limited to 250 km/h
kerb weight: 1,830kg
18m salaom: 64.7km/h
MSRP: 77.750 €

Mercedes CLK 63 AMG
6.2l V8, 4 valves/cyl.
481 PS at 6,000 rpm
630 Nm at 5,000 rpm
7-speed auto, RWD
0-100 km/h: 4.4s
0-160 km/h: 9.5s
0-200 km/h: 14.6s
100-0 km/h: 34.8m
Vmax limited to 250 km/h
kerb weight: 1,800kg
18m salaom: 62.3km/h
MSRP:96.539 €


This is not fair. The Mercedes CLK is going to retire and the BMW M3 Cabrio is brand new. And you can feeel the difference bethe old and the young one: the CLK is more narrow, less functional and less versatile than the M3 but its great adavantge is the 6.2-Liter-V8. The BMW M3 on the opposite is the more agaile, even the more aggressive drive challanging the driver to find out all its secretsby revving up the engine and keeping it at that performing level. And: The DSG is a must! Big improvement.

The M3 wins with 3001 against 2817 pts.
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