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FULL GALLERIES & PRICING INFO (ask 4 better price)

In-House Wheel / Tire Packages Available (see how we do it)
There are several reasons to buy from us. Firstly, we personally pick up HRE Forged wheels from their manufacturing facility in Southern California (they are 30 miles away from us). Secondly, we provide you with the most competitive pricing. Lastly, our mounting and balancing equipment and procedures insure that your wheels will not have exposed wheel weights or any type of damage. For the wheel/tire packages you get a set that is ready to get bolted up to your Porsche and drive. Optional mounting hardware and locks can be provided!

The main reason why you want to purchase from us is because we can make things happen fast and we make sure that you are getting the quality product you paid for. HRE does not ship directly to the client so in many cases you have to wait for HRE to ship the wheels to your dealer and then the dealer will ship the wheels to you. In our case we grab your wheels same day they are manufactured, make sure the wheel is right color and perfect in every way, and then ship it to you right away. If there is a problem, we can deal with it on the spot without waiting for weeks to ship the wheels back and fourth.

Monoblock R-Series
One-Piece Racing Wheel 18"
Row 1: R40 | R43

Monoblock Series
One-Piece Strong & Light 19"-20"
Row 1: P40S | P43S | P45S | P40S Conical | P43S Conical | P45S Conical
Row 2: P47S Conical | P44S Conical | P40 | P41 | P43 | P47

COMP Series
Super Lightweight Racing Wheel 18"-20"
Row 1: C90 | C93 | C95 | C97 | CL90 | CL93

560R / 560C Series
Stylish and Inexpensive 19"-20"
Row 1: 560C | 563C | 565C | 567C
Row 2: 560R | 563R | 565R | 567R

590RS Series
New Designs With Race-Prep 18"-20"
Row 1: 590RS | 593RS | 595RS

790RS Series
Brand New Designs 19"-22"
Row 1: 797RS | 793RS | 794RS | 797RS

940RL Series
Stylish and Inexpensive 20"-22"
Row 1: 940RL | 943RL | 945RL | 948RL

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