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auto insurance that follows you...

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Found this on MSNBC. Progressive Insurance (4th largest in US) is currently testing a new system to bill insurance premiums. I don't think many M5 owners will use this plan!

If you sign up for Autograph, Progressive will install an in-car transponder in your vehicle that, using cellular technology, talks to Global Positioning System satellites and works out when and where the car is being driven.

Data from the transponder is then periodically sent back to Progressive over a cellular phone link, informing the insurance company whether the driver has kept within speed limits and avoided routes notorious for accidents.

The system bills consumers each month based on vehicle usage and, according to Progressive, has been shown to save consumers an average of 25 percent compared to what they were paying using a traditional auto insurance product.
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I can see it now... A whole new market of counter measures. GPS jammers! Probably too late for the patent already :)
I can hear it now. "Mr so and so you were driving at twice the speed limit on your way to work! your policy is cancelled on the first day"

Don't laugh guys, there's probably a market for this stuff.

Just not here!

Let them try. The day I am required to have a GPS transponder connected to my insurance company is the day I become self insured!

By the way, why don't you stop in at a local truck stop and ask a trucker what they do to avoid those GPS trackers they have on their trucks. Yes, it can be done with a little tin foil.

Bring them on,

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