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audio system stopped recognizing my Sirius & ice>Link

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I was looking at some of the wire connectors in my nav bay and I unplugged the expansion connector coming out of the Sirius receiver (which is not activated) with the battery still connected (but the ignition was off).

When I went to go home, the display only shows radio and tape options. My Sirius mode (message to call the 800 number for activation) and ice>Link Plus have disappeared.

I tried disconnecting the battery for a while tonight, but it didn't help.

Radio is still in USA mode.

Anyone know how to get my system to recognize the Sirius box and the ice>Link Plus connected to it?
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i had something like this happen once. I pulled the fuses in the sirius unit and the radio in the trunk (i think) and it came back to life.

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Update: tried resetting the system by pulling the battery negative lead and shorting the positive lead to the negative lead to discharge any capacitors holding configuration info, then left the battery disconnected for a half hour. This didn't fix the problem.

Then, after the comment on fuses, I check the switched +12 into the Sirius (OK) and its fuse (blown!). The fuse holder was loose on the PC board and may have been moved so that it shorted to the case. I glued the fuse holder down, replaced the 2A fuse, and everything works fine now.

Good suggestion about the fuses. :M5thumbs:
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