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Hi Guys,
Ard thanks for all your information and replies. here's what I've discovered. I had my BMW parts manager check his computer, trying to find out what certain part numbers were for (what type of application & vehicle use) and this is what happened;
When we punched in # into the master BMW parts catalog, it came up blank as if this part number isn't valid/good. Then my parts manager input this number into the inventory search window and this part number came up as being valid. It however doesn't describe what this part number is for, what type of application. The parts manager found this very strange. We then punched in the second part number # into the BMW parts catalog to try and find out what this part number is used for, but once again, the parts catalog came up blank as if the number wasn't valid. The parts manager then punched in the second mentioned number into the parts inventory search window and this window showed the number as being valid. It also did not describe what this number is for, with respect to what vehicle it belong to. We did see 2 newer (superceding) part numbers which replace part #
The first number that superceded the .910 number is
Then there is another "THE NEWEST" part number which supercedes the two previous part numbers. The newest part number is
So.... the last part number is the newest updated part number, which replaces the original number of
My parts manager was totally stumped as there was zero information on ANY of the mentioned part numbers here in my post, so he couldn't tell me what they were for or what car the numbers applied to.
Any thoughts on this, anyone ????? :confused2 ?????? :confused: ouich
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