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ASR M5 VS Z06 VS CLS55 VS Turbo Golf

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South Florida Racing E60 M5 Racing CLS55 AMG C6 ZO6 and Turbo Golf with 440 to the wheels 40 to 150 and CLS 55 VS C6

I took my M5 to get the 150 Shot of Nitrous Installed on Thursday to take it out to the Thursday Races to Race my other firends CLS 55 AMG with an Itake and on HREs. We Also Smoked C6 ZO6 that we called out and A Really big Turbo golf that called us out with 480 to the wheels running on race gas.

I will also be posting me dirfting the sh1t out of the M5 lol
and will be posting the rematch which will be this Thursday.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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