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Arrgh!...ever had your car hit like this?!

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I made a run over to our storage unit to get some records this afternoon. On the way out of the facility, I keyed in my password, the gate opens. Only problem is, the gate decides to immediately start closing on me as I pull through! With no time to react, I watch as it bounces off my front left fender. I pulled through, and opened the door to a cruunnnching noise. The fender is pushed in, the door binds. I hit the freaking roof, I was so p!ssed. Of course, the mgr proceeds to tell me that it's a new gate...they'd been having problems with the old one and had to replace it. The gate manufacturer said the new rubber cushion on the side would prevent damage to a car if it malfunctioned. I don't think so... To his credit (and my surprise), the mgr was apologetic, calm, intelligent and very courteous. He said, "Don't worry, we'll take care of you." He took photos and immediately filled out a report. Now I have to go back tomorrow to meet with the senior manager to resolve.

I guess the ONLY bit of good news is that - at the last minute - I decided not to take the M5 and instead drove my wife's Pilot. My wife was very calm, said "remember, it's just a utility vehicle. At least it wasn't one of the other cars". I can't even imagine...
Thanks for letting me vent. I'm calming down now...grrrrrrr
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No, but I spec'd the gates for our community after the original gates that the develper installed were garbage.

Mot decent gate controllers have inputs for 'loop detectors'- these are big wire loops that sense metal- or cars- on the road. All gates should have two or three. On a keyed entry, the loop in the gate will prevent the gate closing on the car, the loop past the gate will prevent the gate closing after the car has cleared the first loop. On an unattended exit, the first loop opens the gate, then the last two prevent closing.

The quality of staff working for gate installers is astonishing. I wound up doing most of the programming. I would not be surprised if they forgot to connect the loops or failed to tell the controller to look for a loop input.\

Get them for damaged, loss of use and Diminished Value. Wait until they acknowledge the fault before you take on the last item.

When I saw the post my heart sunk.... but lucky you avoided the temptation to take the M...

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