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Hi Everyone

I bought my first M5 a while back and upgraded from the standard hifi to the best system i've ever installed in a car consisiting of:

FRONT - 1 set of JL Audio XR525CSi Component Speakers
BACK - 1 set of JL Audio VR525CXi Coaxial Speakers
SUB - 1 x 12" JL Audio W3v2
AMP - 1 x JL Audio 500/5

all speakers fit into existing slots and use existing wiring and the sub and amp fit behind a custom-made box with fans which sits on the fold by the luggage hooks in the boot. It's covered in grey carpet so at a glance it just looks like the end of the boot.

I have sold the car so if anyone is interested I have everything except the XR & VR speakers. You don't have to cut into any wires it fit straight in so if you're interested let me know. I want £800 for the lot which is a bargain considering the amp is £900 new.
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