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Anyone used PowerChip on the M5?

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Powerchip offers a reprogramming of the E39 M5's engine management system that eliminates the top speed limit, raises the rpm limit, and increases horsepower from 394 to 405, and torque from 368 to 379, requiring only that the owner use 93 octane or better gasoline. The greatest torque improvement occurs in the low and mid range, where it would be of greatest benefit for day-to-day driving.

Has anyone used the Powerchip reprogramming, or dyno'ed the car afterward? Is the benefit worth the cost? Any negatives?

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I have had the PowerChip 93/Gold for over a year now. I did not do a before/after dyno so I don't know what the gains are just for the chip. However there is a good amount of butt-o-meter feel that the car is more responsive, etc.... After I did my mods, I had the car dyno'd and air/fuel ratio measured. It showed some fine tuneing was in order. PowerChip used my dyno graphs and tweaked the software for my chip for no charge. I did have to pay for shipping my DME to/from PC. I think it was worth it. Just a satisfied user. :thumbsup:

Good Luck with your M5
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