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dravi20032003 said:
If I install a power hip with aK&n filter & SSexaust and X pipe how much hp will I get. I have a stock 01 Lemans Blue M5
The "Lemans Blue" part of your post will net you almost as much horsepower as the other mods :D ;)

Just a conditioned guess based upon monitoring this board for a couple years:

Powerchip: 10HP
K&N: 0 HP, perhaps even a net loss over a clean, stock filter, and they could ruin your expensive MAFS.
SS exhaust and x pipe (Assuming no headers): 5-10 HP

Perhaps of more value is the improved cold-engine drivability with the powerchip, and the sound of the exhaust. The only reason to use K&N filters on the beast is the fact that they're washable. JMO!!!!!
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