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condition and how long there were used all play a factor in what would make a deal good vs bad.

Since you did not specify anything else, i could not give a better answer.

The hamann exhaust by itself goes for about 2K so half off is a pretty fair deal.

Although Chris(Rocket) does bring up a point that the SS has nearly the exact same sound but looks better for less money, so it really depends on how badly do you want the hamann tips vs the SS 90mm ones.

As has been mentioned, the Hamann exhaust is identical to the Supersprint exhaust, with the only difference being the Hamann logo on the tips.

The price ia about right if you value the Hamann branding, but for not much more, you can get a brand new Supersprint exhaust.

Cheers, Daniel.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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