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Anyone in St. Louis

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Feel like helping a future M5 owner out? I am currently waiting on a carfax report from my friend, but if someone in the area feels like taking a look at an 02 M5 in St. Louis, I'd appreciate it greatly. Beers on me, when I come to pick it up... :cheers:

Furthermore, if someone could recommend a place to have it inspected that would also help.

Thanks in advance! :1zhelp:
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I live in St. Louis
email me at if you need some help:
[email protected]
as far as indys go I'd say Bavarian Auto
is your best bet. I've dealt with BimmersRus befor but in my opinon you are better off taking it to the Autohause of Clayton than to BimmersRus since in my opinion they are a rip off. Let me know.
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