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Hello everyone,

I have been on here for a while now but have just been reading. Looking for some info and advice on my car.

12/01 build.

VIN: WBSDE93472CF90894

I bought the car in Sept of 2010 with 110k on it. It has a salvage title. The seller was the person that performed the rebuild. He said it was hit in the drivers side corner and it needed a hood, bumper, fender and strut. Not sure why because I have not found any damage that would have been bad enough to total the car. Or they did a great job of repairing it.
It now has 185K and other than normal wear items its has been very reliable.
It is from the northeast area so I thought maybe someone might know something about it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Geez, talk about post-purchase inspection...
Sorry to say this sounds like you get married to someone you love and after a few yrs start asking around to check her past. What gives!!
hahahaha yeah I never noticed he drove it for an entire lifetime before asking
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