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I posted not long ago that my 2008 M5 (SMG) stalled, people generally recommended to get it checked out as it could be a serious problem.

Ok so got the diagnostic done yesterday and they reported 2 error codes one a wire to one of the LED's and the other sure enough in the transmission, where they found that the fluid levels were low.

So they topped up the tranny fluid, gave car back to me and supposedly that solves the problem so I'm ready to go.

25km later the car lurches forward again - didn't stall this time, but the lurch was similar to when a car stalls.

My question to everyone is can you think of reasons why the fluid in the transmission might be low? There appeared to be no leak. And I find it hard to understand that it could've come like that from the factory 2 years ago. Is there any other way our transmission could lose fluid other than a leak or not having it in the first place?

Anyone know enough about these things to be able to comment?
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