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Avery and I have been discussing for sometime now; NY has been graced with a brand new Go-Karting site:

Grand Prix New York
333 Noth BedFord Road
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

They have 2 European inspired tracks (10 racers per the track per the race; 20 racers total per the two tracks). It's $50 for an annual membership or $10 for the day. $25 per race which is 16 laps and about 10 minutes in duration. Group pricing is as follows. Each track is 1/4 mile long. If 10 people want the 1 track to themselves for the hour it's $2200 per hour. If 10 people want the 2 tracks to themselves for the hour it's $4400 per hour (the create one large circuit for the hour). It's not cheap but it's hella fun and pretty safe. Plus, the turns will kick most peoples @$$'$ (especially the g's) :M5launch: If anyone wants to get a group thing going post up or pm me. It's indoor so no worries about the weather.
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