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...willing to do me a favor? There are a set of door panels on for an e36 coupe. These were not available on US M3s (only on the '94 325is M-Technic) and I anxiously want a set. I did try asking, but the seller will only ship to Germany. So, I'm thinking that if someone would be so gracious, I could...

bid myself
pay m5board member via PayPal or Euros
have m5board member send funds (closing amt + s/h)
have m5board member receive door panels
have m5board member ship door panels to me in the states

This is obviously not the easiest thing to do and I would surely compensate someone willing to help me out. The only other way for me to get these panels is to wait for 1 of 150 of those M-Technics to be parted, wait for an eBay seller in Germany willing to ship to the states, or go to Germany myself and pick them up (can't wait on as those panels are RHD). :)

The closing price will determine whether or not I'd want to bid, but I thought I'd ask while there are still a number of days left in the auction. I wouldn't dare ask this on other forums, but since this is one of the most reputable boards, I thought I'd take a chance. Thanks!
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