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Any lease returns in tri state area?

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I am currently in the market for an M5 in nj. I found one with 50k miles for 36,000 but it had some paint scratches on both bumpers which wasn't to bad but the worse part was that it had paint chipped off on the quarter panel on the top of the wheel arch. The dealer refused to fix anything on it so I decided to pass on it. The only thing that the car MUST have is a 6 sod transmission. Please let me know if you know of anyone who is going to return their leased M5. Thanks.
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Try calling these guys:

Highline Imports

You can do a search here, I think another board member worked with them and was very pleased with the service. They are a useed car dealer that offers "auction service". You tell them what you're looking for and they'll show you what's available at the wholesale auctions.
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