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I was told my many online merchants ( or online merchant at ebay) that they will only ship the tires to my billing address (to prevent online fraud). I want to have them shipped directly to my installer/shop. Anyone has done this with online merchant without major pain like having the CC company to add my installer/shop address as another billing address ?

Also, does anyone know how many tires (OEM size front and rear) can fit into our trunk? I might just have them ship to me directly if no easy way around this and take them with me in my trunk and back seats to the installer if they will fit.

Thanks in advance
I have done this many times. I have not used, but I have uesd eBay. I usually confirm with them prior to bidding, and send them my shop's address with Paypal payment. Or if its an online vendor (, they will ship to any address I list. Sometimes it requires a phone call but it can be done.
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