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Anti-Theft Alarm goes on when I lock the doors and leave it for few minutes!

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Yesterday I was driving to work. I parked my car and locked the doors using the remote, walking away from the car to my office and suddenly I hear the car anti theft alarm goes on with the hazard signal. I come back and unlock the door and everything is fine. Again walk away and the same problem occurs and the alarm is triggered. It did it 4 times and I was late for work. I left it finally hope that it will stop. Eventually it did stop.

Then I left work going to home and it happened again then stopped. That was the last time it happened (Yesterday). I will have it checked by the dealer, just curious what can cause such thing?

<O:pAny help will be appreciated guys<O:p</O:p

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As stated above, the hood sensor is a major culprit for this, mostly if you live in a hotter climate. My alarm was going off randomly during the daytime only as the temps started heating back up here in South Florida...sure enough, yanked that hood sensor out and all is quiet. The system thinks the hood is permanently closed so your alarm is satisfied.

Got a new sensor on order, it's about $15:
BMW #61314158205

good luck! :cool2:

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